Tips on Obtaining Travel Coverage for Over 70

There are a number of travel insurance companies that offer travel coverage for over 70. A senior citizen who wants to travel for whatever reason should take out a suitable travel insurance policy that will cover any contingencies. Following are some things that a senior who is in their 70s should consider when taking out travel insurance.

A person who intends to do a lot of traveling should purchase annual travel insurance instead of only a single trip policy. This is especially true if you need over 70 travel insurance. However, one should read the policy very carefully as most senior citizen travel insurance policies have an age limit at which the policy will expire. One will also need to be completely honest with the insurer as to whether he or she has a pre-existing medical condition. Many travel insurance agencies make allowance for this and can provide medical compensation should it be needed, but only if the person who is taking out the insurance notes this when applying for the policy.

It is also important to consider how much coverage one wants to obtain. Good medical coverage is an integral part of any over 65 travel insurance. However, such things as loss of luggage, damage to luggage and compensation should flights be cancelled or delayed are optional. One has to pay a bit more for these particular types of coverage, although they can be worthwhile to have.

A senior who is taking out travel insurance for over 70 should also consider the activities that he or she will engage in while travelling. If a senior is engaged in what is deemed to be a ‘dangerous sport’ then he or she should take out specific travel coverage for this. One should consult with an insurance agent when taking out the policy and be sure to tell him or her what activities will take place while travelling.

There are many insurance agents that offer travel insurance for over 70. A person who wishes to obtain such coverage should compare a number of insurers and see which one offers him or her the policy that is most suitable. One will also need to consider the cost of such insurance, as often senior insurance costs more than regular travel insurance. However, it is important to not underestimate the importance of having good coverage when travelling. It is especially important for senior citizens with pre-existing medical conditions to have suitable travel coverage.