Introducing Barcelona Parks And Gardens

Unlike many other cities in Europe, Barcelona is home to lots of open spaces, parks and gardens. Not only are they great places to enjoy getting back to nature, many having historical and cultural significance. This is why they are always very popular with tourists and locals. Of course, everyone needs some time to get away from it all in the city, and in Barcelona’s parks and gardens you can do just that, no matter where you’ve choosen yourvacation rentals in barcelona.

Perhaps the most popular of all the city parks is Parc de la Ciutadela. Since 1877 it has been a public space and it now houses some terrific attractions. These include annual events and some music concerts. However, even if it is just to walk, the park is well worth a visit.

There are few parks in the world where you can see gorillas and orang-utans among thousands of other animal species. You can, however, do this at the Parc de Ciutadela, which is home to the Museum of Natural Science and Barcelona Zoo. More than a million people visit the zoo every year, which is known to be one of the best in Europe. For animal lovers, there is no better place to go in the city.

For stunning views, the best place for you to visit is Castell de l’Oreneta park. This Catalonian gem is set within the woodlands of Collserola Hill and you can visit it at any time of year. The name of the park is taken from Oreneta Castle, which once graced the estate on which the park now exists. Ruins of the castle can still be seen today and are an interesting addition to the greenery. Playgrounds and pony rides add to the setting to make this a park for kids and adults.

The one thing that will make your visit to Castell de l’Oreneta complete is a ride on the miniature steam train. Your journey aboard the mini train will take you over two bridges and a viaduct. The ride is usually open during weekends.

Those that love to work in their gardens will enjoy a visit to Barcelona’s Botanical Gardens. The gardens are based on Montjuic Mountain and have been in operation since 1999. One of the best things about the gardens is that it is run by the council. This means that, not only do prices stay low, but that entry on Sunday is free. So, for a cheap day out, there is nowhere better to visit.

The most beautiful park in the city is undoubtedly the Labyrinth Park of Horta. Although it is beautiful, it is not a busy spot for tourists. Due to its size and the abundance of mature trees, there are lots of lovely spots where you can rest and relax.

As you might expect, the park is also home to its own Labyrinth. But that’s not all. There are also several statues to see, which depict scenes from the Greek legend of the Labyrinth. The overriding theme of the park is romance, making it a great place to discover with your partner.

There are lots of parks and gardens in the city, some smaller than a football pitch. All have their own qualities and each deserve a portion of your attention. Depending on how much time you have and your tastes, some may catch your eye more than other.

This is because they offer solace from the busy city lifestyle. In the parks you will find some picturesque views and lots of activities to do. Even if you are not the outdoor type, you won’t be able to resist discovering all that waits in Barcelona’s outdoors. And, best of all, to do so is absolutely free of charge.