Going back to school before chartering a yacht

Chartering a yacht can be the perfect getaway and will enable you to see some amazing coastlines and scenery, providing you with freedom that you will struggle to find on any other holiday. However before you set sail it is worth learning some essential skills to get the most from your holiday.

Chartering a yacht

When you have decided on a yacht charter for your holiday there are two types of charter to choose from. One route is to hire a boat which comes with its own crew as well as a skipper. You can then use them to take you on a specific route in the destination of your choice. An advantage of this is that it really will mean that you can totally relax, knowing that your route and all the work is taken care of. Alternatively, if you have some experience of sailing or if you simply like the idea of having your own boat and using your family or friends as the crew while you skipper it yourself, then a bareboat charter would be the perfect choice. This type of yacht charter involves merely the hiring of a boat. Everything, including planning your route, will be down to you. Your charter will involve you collecting your boat at a specified location in your chosen destination and then returning the boat to a specific location at the end of your holiday.

Taking a bareboat charter

Anyone who is planning to take a bareboat charter should definitely book themselves into an offshore sailing school before they depart for their holiday. Even if you have some sailing experience you may still need some refresher ‘lessons’ before your holiday, at least to make sure you are up to speed with the boat you will be taking on your trip. When you collect your boat on a bareboat charter then the boat becomes your legal and financial responsibility so it is vital that you know what you are doing. As well as knowing about the boat, you will also be responsible for your route and for making sure that you have chosen one with a realistic timescale for your charter.

Why take a yacht charter

The freedom that you will have from this type of holiday is unrivalled, particularly if you choose a bareboat type of charter. However, it is definitely worth investing some time before you go, in visiting an offshore sailing school so you can really make the most of your trip, even if you already have some sailing experience. Deciding where you will go for your holiday is entirely up to you and may be driven by your experience, but there are charters available all over the world from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean.

If you decide to do a yacht charter for your holiday then it will probably be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. As long as you have visited an offshore sailing school beforehand and feel confident in your knowledge then it is sure to be an experience you will never forget.