China Eastern Airlines Online Booking

The China Eastern Airline is one of the most experienced airlines in China. They have a number of destinations all over the world and many packages and discounts that you can benefit from. The China Eastern Airlines online booking system allows you to relax in the comfort of your home while you book a flight or book from a work computer as you deem fit.

Why China Eastern Airlines?

Eastern China Airlines is a company established in 1988 and since the past eighteen years has provided amazing service and successful flight routes to their passengers and customers. There are over eighty international routes and over three hundred domestic routes available within China. They have highly trained pilots and well maintained aircrafts which ensure a technically safe and secure flight. They also offer unique customer service including check in services, customs formality and ticket booking. In the China aviation industry, China Eastern Airlines were the first to receive the honorable flight safety award. They were also awarded the Five Star Diamond Award by the American Hospitality Service Academy.

Travel Planning with China Eastern Airlines

With China Eastern Airlines online booking and China Eastern Airlines reservations you can book a flight of your choice to any destination you wish to travel to. In addition to the China Eastern airlines reservations, you can also devise a better travel plan. They have an online destination guide through which you can get all kinds of information about many locations in the world and within China. You will also get honest reviews about the food and money value ratings for each and every place on your itinerary. Destinations guides can help you plan a better trip by giving your lists and travel tips for over two hundred locations. You can also get other travel related tips which will make travelling easier.

China Eastern Airlines Eastern Miles

Like every other top airline, China Eastern Airlines also offers an Eastern Miles frequent flyer program for their valued and loyal customers. You can earn miles with every flight you take on board China Eastern Airlines and on later trips these miles can be redeemed in the form of flight discounts and cabin upgrades. You can redeem these Eastern Miles for accommodations as well.

China Eastern Airlines Travel Experience

There are three types of cabin classes in the China Eastern Airlines aircrafts including First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. All the classes have been designed to fit the passenger needs and to allow the customer to fly as luxuriously as possible. You get personalized service and personally catered service in the Business class while in First class you can get a thoughtful ambience and elegant travels style.

China Eastern Airlines Online Promotions

China Eastern Airlines is always offering promotions so you can find the cheapest fares to your favorite location. These days there is a huge discount on flights from Paris to Shanghai which you can book from the China Eastern Airlines online booking system. For internet bookings, you can also enjoy a number of exclusive discount offers and bargain prices.