Avoiding Possible Disability Travel Disasters

There are several resources out there that are dedicated to disability travel planning and accommodations. Anyone that has a disability or that is planning to travel with someone that has a disability must make their arrangements with a little more care than other travelers.

Disability travel becomes much easier when you offer yourself the chance to gather up information that is necessary to help arm you for what you might face. If you have little to no experience with the particular difficulties that you might experience, it is often best to contact a travel agency that handles the needs of the disabled and let them take the reigns for you.

Otherwise you are going to need to get on the phone and ask some questions well before your departure, and most definitely before you actually book the trip. Airports and hotel are particularly poorly set up to deal with the needs of the disabled. Airport security has increased the difficulties that many people face when traveling. For instance, it is now standard practice for most airlines that you borrow their wheelchairs while yours goes into the checked baggage area.

Scheduling three hours or more between connecting flights can help make up for the slow airline response to wheelchair needs. If you must move through various doorways or rooms, you might want to find out how hard it is to push the doors open or if they have easy access push plates to open doors. This may seem excessive but it is not unusual for flights to be delayed by an hour or two, and having a little breathing room in between boarding time can be very helpful when your flight landed late.

Make sure that your hotel knows that you will have special needs before you book the room. Most hotels will try to be accommodating, but others literally do not have the access you will need. Make sure that you will be able to use the shower or bathtub, have easy access to the elevators, and will be able to receive assistance with your bags and any other needs you might have.

Leave ample time for your disabled travel needs. The world is far from set up to make disability travel as simple and efficient as it should be, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster either. Time and information are your two best friends when planning a trip.