Month: March 2017

Avoiding Possible Disability Travel Disasters

There are several resources out there that are dedicated to disability travel planning and accommodations. Anyone that has a disability or that is planning to travel with someone that has a disability must make their arrangements with a little more care than other travelers. Disability travel becomes much easier when […]

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European Stress Free Vacations

Catch A Train Through Europe! Most vacationers dreaming about heading to Europe can be held back by the outlay of such a trip. They dream of visiting sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, but are not in a place to finance the trip. Nonetheless, it […]

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Introducing Barcelona Parks And Gardens

Unlike many other cities in Europe, Barcelona is home to lots of open spaces, parks and gardens. Not only are they great places to enjoy getting back to nature, many having historical and cultural significance. This is why they are always very popular with tourists and locals. Of course, everyone […]

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